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move along.

Sep. 16th, 2006 03:38 pm Ocean City/Atlantic City/Yo Momma/ Olé!!!!

"Your momma's so stupid, she thought hamburger helper was a friend!"
I'm watchiing Yo Momma right now with Chelsea. We're in Ocean City, just got back from the outlets in Atlantic City, so maybe I should change the title of this from Atlantic City to OC/AC...
But anyways, I don't know what else to write right now..
Oh yeah. This past few days, I realized how much I saw 'awwwww.'

Okay, so tonight, me and Chelsea were walking to the boardwalk, and there's like, seven Mexicans just chilling on a bench, and we walk past, and they're like, 'Heyy!' 'Hiiii' 'HOLAAAAA!!'. So, since I absolutely lovelovelove espanol, I'm like, 'Holaaaa!' right back to the one with a baseball cap on, and he says, 'Como esta?' and I'm like, 'Asi-asi..' So, we begin to walk away, and I'm like, 'ADIOSSSSS!' and all of them yell (as we're a block away) 'ADIOSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!' and me and Chelsea start to crack the fuck up. Haha. Then we walked the boardwalk, got some not-as-good-as-we-thought-it-would-be ice cream, bought some stuff, and met a potless drug dealer waiting for a bus (that randomly pulled out a dimebag). Haha.

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Sep. 13th, 2006 07:20 pm ahh, i love stupid people aka shan_noel aka grass ass<3

I love my stupid conversations with this chickk.

uoy x evol o i: heeeyyyy
H3r Pap3r H3art: heyyyyy
H3r Pap3r H3art: good game<3
uoy x evol o i: lol what?
uoy x evol o i: this is grass ass dumbie
H3r Pap3r H3art: i knoww
uoy x evol o i: good game?
uoy x evol o i: what game did i play?
H3r Pap3r H3art: walking to heritages was fucking cross country
H3r Pap3r H3art: so as i said, GOOD GAME
uoy x evol o i: lmfao

Two minutes later...

uoy x evol o i: do u like [certain person]?

H3r Pap3r H3art: ehh

H3r Pap3r H3art: i dont talk to her

H3r Pap3r H3art: but she's okay... i guess

uoy x evol o i: oooo

uoy x evol o i: lol

uoy x evol o i: ew

H3r Pap3r H3art: but her voice annoys me...

H3r Pap3r H3art: A LOT

uoy x evol o i: i hate hate hate HATE her

H3r Pap3r H3art: haha

uoy x evol o i: lmao

uoy x evol o i: her voice IS annoying

H3r Pap3r H3art: makes me wanna swallow razors

H3r Pap3r H3art: haha

uoy x evol o i: eeeeeeewwwwww

H3r Pap3r H3art: seriously

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Sep. 12th, 2006 04:01 pm Random Concert Pics I've Taken...


Panic! at the Disco- July 1st


^(George) Ryan Ross About 2 Minutes After He Hugged Me =) ^


^As the chick from the Dresden Dolls says, Mister Brennnndon Urie^

^Nicole's Hair, Brendon Urie, and Me^

Taking Back Sunday- June 25th


^Horrible picture of Adam singing on the Screen^

Yellowcard Concert- June 23rd


^Pete Mosley^


^Pete... again.^


^Ryan Key, Performing about two hours after I was two feet away from his cab... and screamed like a total groupie^



The All-American Rejects- November 15th, 2006


^Nickolas Don Wheeler being amazing<3 ^


^Nick, My Love^


^Chris, Nick & Tyson during acoustic^

The Hush Sound- March 19th


^Me and Greta... after she asked me to buy her cd and I told her I was broke after the From First to Last meet and greet..^

Maybe I'll find someone's scanner to use...

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Sep. 11th, 2006 11:46 pm Say Anything and Blank IMP Homework...

So, I don't think that making this was such a... nifty... idea. I don't have time for this. I should be off of the computer on a school night by now. I'm about to flunk out of the school that I've been dying to go to the fourth day I'm even there. Haha. I should be worrying about how people think they can actaully pull of lying to my face... well, sort of. My brother's nagging me to get off so he can make a cd. So, I think I might just get off. His voice annoys me..


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